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Rhodes Municipalities

Municipalities of Rhodes island Greece


Arcanghelos Afandou Attaviros Ialissos Kallithea Rodi sud Petaloudes Lindos Kamiros

The Municipality of Archangelos
Archangelos (28 km from Rhodes town)
The largest village on the island, Archangelos covers a low plateau and is surrounded by the mountains Profitis Elias, Karavos and the low hills of Kefaloti, Kastro and Anagros.
Keeping their traditions alive, the residents speak in dialect and have preserved the arts of their forefathers. The first houses in the village were built in 1023 at the foot of Kastro hill. In the centre of the village is the dominating Church of the Archangel Michael. Around it are picturesque lanes, traditional houses with arched passageways painted in bright colours such as yellow, blue and green decorated with traditional plates. The atmosphere is special here.
Malona-Massari: These are two farming villages in the valley of Nethona River set amid orange groves and orchards.