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Arnitha, Appolakia, Vati, Mesanagros, Istrios and Profylia

Southern Rhodes villages Arnitha, Appolakia, Vati, Mesanagros, Istrios and Profylia

Rhodes Rodi

The Municipality of Southern Rhodes

Arnitha, Appolakia, Vati, Mesanagros, Istrios and Profylia, farming villages built during the Middle Ages or slightly later, retain their traditional character undiminished. The houses are still decorated with plates on the walls and hand-made embroidery. To this day weddings and feasts are celebrated using the old ritual formulae. The landscape here, pure and untouched, beckons the visitor to explore it: sun-drenched plains and shady forests, gentle hills and valleys, landscapes with simple lines, a true mix of colours and scents.
Kiotari (60 km from Rhodes town)
This is a modern tourist resort along the length of an impressive, seemingly endless stretch of sandy beach. Holidaymakers here are usually families or couples looking for quiet and good sea. It is worth stopping off for a swim at the wonderful beach with its clean, golden sands and trying the traditional dishes served at restaurants where attention is paid to detail.
Gennadi (63 km from Rhodes town)
This is a coastal resort and traditional village with a past stretching back to antiquity. The residents live among an enchanting landscape at their own pace. Gennadi is ideal for those looking for peace and quiet allowing them to discover its many unexplored beaches along the length of the sandy coastline which extends as far as Prasonisi. 
In the beautiful hinterland the visitor can reach some small waterfalls by taking a route through the forest.
Asklipios (64 km from Rhodes town)
The wonderful Byzantine church and medieval fortress from the 12th century are the attractions of this small but lively village with its white, traditional houses built amphitheatre-like on the slopes of a hill.
In the village square is the church of the Dormition of the Virgin that was erected in 1060 and recently renovated.
Just beside it in the old olive oil press belonging to the church is the ecclesiastical and folklore museum. Following a visit to the church a steep, winding road leads to the fortress. At the peak of the hill the medieval fortress providers wonderful views along the seemingly endless coast from Kiotari to Gennadi. 
Lachania (73 km from Rhodes town)
This is perhaps the most beautiful village on Rhodes. Low, white traditional houses in a good state of repair with blue doors and windows, ceramic roof tiles and carved stone gateways at the entrance are distinguishing features. The natural charms of the area will surely bewitch the visitor. On the endless beach the sea beckons with its transparent, refreshing waters. 
Kattavia - Prasonisi (83 km from Rhodes town)
A farming village at the southern tip of the island, at Kattavia one can see Rhode's other side: agriculture and livestock farming, with sheep, cattle and fields of cereals and vegetables. Kattavia owes in name according to tradition to the local leader Kattavos. The area was developed under Italian rule as can be seen from the scattered farmhouses, the old airport and the impressive cypress-lined road in Aghios Pavlos Bay and the ruined Italian church with the clock tower. 
From Kattavia a road 9 km long begins leading to Prasonisi, a small village at the southernmost tip of the island where the seas frequently mingle covering the land and creating images of rare natural beauty. Prasonisi, where one can find rented rooms and beach taverns, is a real paradise for windsurfers since the wind always blows here on its two beaches.