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Rhodes Sights of enviromental interest

Sights of enviromental interest of Rhodes island Greece


The Municipality of Rhodes
Rodini Park, a verdant ravine with dense shade and running water, bridges and ponds with water lilies it is an idyllic environment where many beautiful peacocks live. It is the ideal place to stroll and unwind. According to tradition the Athenian rhetorician Aeschynus once had a school here. Today part of the ancient necropolis has survived with the so-called Tomb of the Ptolemys carved out of the rock.

The Municipality of Petaloudes
Butterfly or Pelekanos Valley is a unique biotope worldwide some 5 km from the village of Tholos which has survived untouched in its own dimension. Verdant, with towering plane trees, ivy, arbutus, carob, holly trees and other species, it has running water everywhere since the river Pelekanos flows through it. Small, raging waterfalls can be encountered at various locations. It is Butterfly Paradise! It is home to the rare butterfly species Panaxia quadripunctaria. Its velvety wings are dark coloured with whitish yellow stripes which open to reveal a lower red side with black dots. The butterflies come to the valley every summer seeking cool conditions and moisture. They appear in June, mate at the end of August and migrate in September up to 30 km away in order to lay their eggs. During peak season in July and August there are literally millions of butterflies… the sight of tree trunks covered in butterflies is truly awe inspiring.

The Rhodian Farm & The Ostrich Park
This facility lies within close distance from the Valley of the Butterflies, covering an area of a total 34 strema in surface. Within this wisely arranged enclave one has the opportunity to get a closer look at these corpulent, lavishly feathered birds living within a purely natural environement. Also to be seen are various kinds of exotic birds and rare animals. There is a video room projecting a film on the life of the ostrich. Visitors complete the tour by visiting the gift shop: on sale are various souvenirs. Refreshments may be enjoyed at the bar, offering some realy beautiful vistas on the surrounding area.

The Municipal District of Archangelos
The Rhodian Horse - also referred to as the Poney (one of the most protected species, threatened with extinction) - has been dwelling into the mountains of Rhodes for thousands of years. This miniscule equine - sometimes as short as 0,90 cm and rarely attaining a height of 1.15 m has bene placed under the protection of PHAETHON, an association estaboished in 2001 to the purpose of saving this animal of rare charm and elegance. Procreation efforts have already been yielding fruit, with a first birth recorded in 2002. Rhodian Horses may be visited at the Equestrian Club of Archangelos (at Napes).

The Municipality of Kallithea
The famed spa baths at Kallithea with their domed Italian buildings remind one of Arabic architecture. There are also wonderful pebble mosaics, arches and courtyards with palms to complete the picture. From the central entrance paths strewn with pebbles lead to a circular plaza and fountain, a semi-circular water distribution chamber and the complex of sanitary facilities. In the centre the Rotunda dominates - an impressive, voluminous dome with intricate decoration. Here are the spa baths of the six springs fed from an equal number of fountain heads. The indolent air of this peculiar mediterranean architecture takes us back to the age when the place buzzed with life and the orchestra played in the atrium.

In Psinthos village is Fasouli Spring, set in a ravine with springs and giant plane trees it is ideal for walking in the natural environment. The location is ideal for a stroll down to the stream where one can enjoy the concert of frogs next to the waterfall. One can sample local cuisine at taverns in the area.

The Municipality of Afandou
Epta Piges (seven springs) is set in a verdant ravine with springs, bridges, streams, flowers, ducks and peacocks.
One passes through a dark tunnel, barefoot, with the feel of cold, running water from the spring to end up at a lake. Next to the springs one can take in the landscape at a traditional coffee house - tavern.

The Municipality of Kameiros
After the village of Eleousa, Koskinisti is the old Italian aqueduct built in an imposing architectural style with a brightly coloured stone cistern.
Nymphi spring at Salakos is where Rhodes gets its water supply from. Water from here is bottled too. It is well known for its charming countryside, an ideal place to stroll and unwind.

The Municipality of Southern Rhodes
Apolakkia Dam at Apolakkia village ensures significant quantities of water for the area. This is an important project for development with a reservoir which has become a unique wetland on the island.

The Municipality of Attavyros
Outside the village of Embonas is Nanon Lake with rushes and wild ducks. Among the trees one can make out an abandoned village with low stone houses from which the lake took its name. Nanos is Greek for dwarf.

The Municipality of Archangelos
Located near Archangelos, Koumelou cave lies at the top of a hill with the same name. It is of archaeological and speleological interest. Excavations have brought to light vessels and other Neolithic and Mycenean objects which attest to this area being inhabited in antiquity.

The Municipality of Kallithea
At Kalythies is Kalamonia Cave in an area difficult to get to but with great archaeological importance since research has shown that the oldest residents of the island lived here.
In the same area is Aghios Georgios Cave with finds dating from the Neolithic period.

The Municipality of Rhodes
On Aghios Stefanos Hill - also known as Monte Smith are the Nymphaea, underground, cave like constructions, places of leisure and worship, perhaps for the Nymphs.