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Petaloudes - Kremasti

Rhodes Petaloudes-Kremasti

Rhodes Rodi

The Municipality of Petaloudes
Kremasti - Paradisi - Theologos (12-13 Km from Rhode town)
Kremasti is one of the largest and most lively villages on the island. Hard working, hospitable and faithful to their traditions, the residents of Kremasti are proud of their village.
Paradisi, a picturesque village near the international airport, has traditional houses and old public buildings. The name of the village reflects the beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Theologos or Tholos is a modern coastal resort with a village that retains its traditional air. Of particular interest are the ruins of the ancient deme of Istanii and the churches in the area.
Maritsa (17 km from Rhodes town)
This village is renowned for its traditional taverns and active nightlife all year round. One should not come to Maritsa in search of charming buildings or natural beauty but to enjoy oneself and taste the village's traditional recipes. Near the village at the old international airport, car and motorbike races are held as well as model airplane shows. 
Pastida - Damatria
In the farming villages of Pastida and Damatria one can admire the small, picturesque Byzantine monasteries and churches and see how the ordinary people of Rhodes live in the countryside while also tasting the local, traditional cuisine.